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We are committed to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities reach their full potential through compassionate and effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Our therapy services utilize a variety of evidence-based practices. Our primary approach involves the use of incidental teaching, a naturalistic teaching strategy that takes advantage of everyday opportunities for learning. We capture and contrive teaching opportunities within the context of child-initiated activities, making learning fun and meaningful.  Our therapists use incidental teaching to encourage communication, social skills, and other important developmental skills.

We believe that therapy should be centered around the individual, with a focus on their unique needs and interests. Our compassionate practices ensure that ABA is delivered with empathy, kindness, and understanding. We work with families to develop personalized treatment plans that address specific goals and concerns.

We offer a range of ABA therapy services to Tricare East beneficiaries.

If you're interested in learning more about our ABA therapy services or scheduling an appointment, we're happy to help! 

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