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What's a Registered Line Technician?

Updated: May 17, 2023


If you're an RBT looking to work in Louisiana, you will need to apply to become a registered line technician (RLT) with the Lousiana Behavior Analyst Board (LBAB). In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to become a registered line technician with the LBAB.

Step 1: Become an RBT

Becoming an RBT involves meeting the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's (BACB) eligibility requirements, completing a 40-hour verified training program, passing the RBT Competency Assessment, applying for certification, and maintaining it through renewal requirements.

Step 2: Find a Supervising Licensed Behavior Analyst in Louisiana

Connect with a licensed behavior analyst (LBA) who can serve as your supervisor. Seek out organizations, clinics, or private practices that employ behavior analysts and express your interest in becoming a line technician. Collaborating with a qualified supervisor will not only provide the required oversight but also offer invaluable guidance and mentorship.

Step 3: Apply for Registration

After becoming an RBT and finding an LBA supervisor in Louisiana, you can apply for registration as a line technician with the LBAB. Submit your application, along with any necessary supporting documentation, and pay the required registration fee. The board will review your application and, upon approval, grant you the registered line technician designation.

Step 4: Verify Your Registration

Once your application is approved your supervising LBA will receive your RLT certification which will remain under their license until they are no longer providing supervision. You cannot practice as an RBT in the state of Louisiana without the RLT designation or a supervising LBA.

Remember, maintaining your registration as an RLT requires adherence to the licensing board's rules and regulations. Stay updated with any renewal requirements, continuing education obligations, or other obligations to ensure the continued validity of your registration.

Becoming an RLT opens doors to a rewarding career in Louisiana. By following this step-by-step guide, you can navigate the process effectively and embark on a path that allows you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Remember to stay updated with the board's guidelines and requirements, as they may evolve over time. Good luck on your journey to becoming a registered line technician!

The Louisiana Behavior Analyst Board (“LBAB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse Positive Behavior Change, the materials, or information identified herein.

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse Positive Behavior Change, the materials, or information identified herein.



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